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Take Cover Nominated for Indie Prize @ Tel Aviv 2016!


From more than 300 registered games qualified jury picked the best 60 to attend Casual Connect 2016 that have taken place in Tel Aviv this November! We have been nominated in top 4 under Best Multiplayer Game and Best Mobile Game. Unfortunately, we were not able to claim victory in either of the categories however we congratulate the winners!

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Take Cover!


Players journey through dangerous jungle with only squad of loyal soldiers. Our vision was to let player capability decide the outcome of every battle!

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Who we are?

We are an independent game development studio formed by the talented developers who have worked on many popular titles before. We develop our own internal projects as well work for external clients. Whatever the project is, we have only one goal - Excellence!







































Gamajun Games was founded in 2012, Located in Brno, Czech Republic when group of industry veterans decided to go independent. The decision was driven by simple vision, to be able to create games that would reflect view of the team on game development. As years have passed, fresh talent was acquired in order to create a unique mixture of enormous experience and new talent so in the end we could focus on only one thing that matters to us - making great games!


Gamajun Games is a spin-off of Illusion Softworks and Vatra studio who created and worked on Silent Hill Downpour, Mafia 1 and 2 and Hidden and Dangerous series.

 How do we work at Gamajun Games?


We want to make games that spark your imagination like the games you played as a kid.

Everyone comes with a lot of ideas, best ones are voted cautiously, once we are done we move to prototype stage. If the concept is proven and everyone in the studio is having fun while playing it, we move to the production.


During production we playtest... ALOT! Playtesting the game from early stage is what brings perfection to our games. For our company culture playtesting is absolutely mandatory, by doing so every member of the studio sees his part of the work as well as the general picture. This way anyone can bring ideas at any given time.



Team Characteristics


We strive for perfection, whether it is our own project or prototype for external client!

 Excellent gameplay is simply the most important part of our development!

We playtest... ALOT!

We combine raw talent with industry professionals in order to stay fresh!

We bring own input and experience to every project we work on!

Every single developer in the studio is a passionate gamer which brings unique polish to our projects!




Gamajun, based in Brno, was founded by a group of industry professionals with the aim of developing smaller, independent games. Creative freedom is extremely important to us and we will welcome anyone who shares our passion.


We do a lot of mockups and designs to choose the best solution for players to play the game intuitively.

Our collaboration partners and technologies we excell in

It’s been exciting beginning for the company. But the reality is that this is just the beginning. There is so much more we can do. We can make our existing games much better.

Software and tools we use in development:



 and many more!

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Who we are ?

  • Alexander Sila





    Joined the games industry in 1999. Started as an Animator and became a Team leader on Hidden & Dangerous for Illusion Softworks, Producer on Mafia 2 for 2K Czech. Established Vatra games in 2008. Producer on Rush’N Attack, Senior Producer for Silent Hill: Downpour. As CEO set up Gamajun Games in 2012.

  • Jan Sedlacek




    An experienced manager; Jan started in the Games Industry as a designer and motion capture actor for the Mafia series where he significantly influenced the whole combat system. As a Producer he represents a unique mixture of  management and creative skills.

  • Lukasz Ziolkowski

    Lead Programmer



    Senior programmer with over 8 years game industry experience and a passion for game design and technology. Worked as a tools, AI and game play programmer for Criterion Games / EA from 2005. Key contributor at Doublesix studio. Leading a team of 7 on various AAA projects.

  • Ludek Migdal

    Art Director



    Joined game industry in 1999. Created the unique artistic direction of both Rush’N Attack: Ex-patriot and Silent Hill: Downpour. Skilled and experienced lead artist with a strong artistic vision.

  • Martin Hebert

    Animation Director



    Lead animator at Pterodon, Illusion Softworks and 2K Czech.  Worked on Vietcong and other next gen projects. Expert in all aspects of motion capture. Animation and Cinematics Director for both Rush’N Attack: Ex-patriot and Silent Hill: Downpour.

ented developers who have worked on many popular titles before. We do both development for ourselves as for clients of all sizes. Gamajun games is focused on creating entertaining, innovative and memorable games for players all around the world.

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